Influence of The Off-boarding Process

Does the way employees are off-boarded really matter?  Does it affect your brand image among prospective employees, or your current employees’ willingness to stay and to recommend your company as an employer?

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Automation and the impact on tomorrow’s jobs.

Automation is the way of the future, and leveraging it will be the key to transitioning today’s bad jobs into tomorrow’s good jobs.

According to a recent article on Harvard Business Review, see how and why customers, employees, and investors will benefit from embracing these technological advancements.

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In Which Direction Are Off-Boarding Costs Heading?

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As social media channels expand, off-boarded employees have increasing influence over prospective employees’ decisions to either approach or avoid your company. The same goes for potential investors, customers and business partners; many seek out employee feedback for a clear and accurate picture of your organization.
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Can you influence exiting employees to bolster your employment brand?

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As job seekers search for companies they would love to work for, social media platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn are giving them easy access to former employees’ candid opinions of their employers. At the same time, former employees seem to be increasingly comfortable sharing their impressions. This gives your prospective employees, customers, investors and business partners unprecedented insight into everything from your company’s culture to its leadership style, work environment, products and services, and even HR processes. It also leaves your employment brand more vulnerable than ever. Read more


People analytics and its impact on HR decision making

People Analytics first caught the attention of professionals early 2013 in a highly publicized article, How Google Is Using People Analytics to Completely Reinvent HR. It can be defined as,  The practice of making data-backed people management decisions within an organization. Most frequently referred to in hiring, retention and transition management.

As more HR leaders recognize the power of people analytics, it will become a bigger part of how business is done. According to the Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report from Deloitte University Press, 32 percent of the more than 7,000 companies surveyed said they were ready to start using people analytics. That’s an increase from just 24 percent of companies in 2015.

Potential Impacts from people analytics

  1. Employer Branding
    When job-seekers coming out of the hiring process are unhappy, the result can be damage to the organization’s reputation as an employer and damage to its overall brand. In fact, according to a May 2015 CareerBuilder study of more than 5,000 American employees, 69 percent of respondents said they were less likely to buy from an organization after a bad interview experience.
  2. Risk Mitigation and Reduced Spending
    Companies need to save money wherever possible. Being able to avoid paying more for unemployment insurance, or wasting a paycheck on an employee who isn’t being productive, is a big benefit.We use Veriato to improve productivity and training,” she said. “We look at the time spent working, as well as the end results.”After the software revealed, for instance, that one particular employee had been spending most of the workday playing solitaire, O’Keefe said the company was able to stop an unemployment claim. “As a small business, that’s a key savings,” she pointed out. “When a former employee goes on unemployment, expenses go up. The software gives me something tangible to prove my position, so it isn’t just ‘their word against mine.'”

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5 key stats every HR professional should know about mobile recruiting

With more job seekers expressing that they want to receive job opportunities on their smartphones, mobile has quickly overtaken desktop as the preferred job application channel. Is your application process mobile friendly for job seekers?  According to a recent study by Glassdoor, you may be preventing as much as 45% of your potential talent pool from applying for your open positions if it’s not.

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Technology and Social Media Transforming Employer Branding

Great read from HBR on how technology and B2B social media (LinkedIn) have radically transformed employer branding from what a company says about itself to what current (and past) employees and other key stakeholders have to say about an employer. Read more

Career Coach

Why Job Seekers Need a Career Coach

Looking for a new job in the new year? Here is why job seekers should seek the expert guidance of a world class career coach. Over the last 3 years, 90% of our successful candidates tell us that their career coach played a critical role in their speedy success of landing a new job. We recently came a across an article on that highlights 10 mistakes that job seekers make. All 10 of these mistakes are topics our career coaches focus on with candidates to ensure they avoid making them during their job search.
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Leveraging Talent Relationships Now Seen as Critical

Check out our current poll on Hunt Scanlon Media that takes a deeper look into the way companies and their employee’s part ways.. Although job-hopping is at an all-time high, employers today understand that loyalty doesn’t necessarily go away when employees walk out the door. Early results show, 65% of HR leaders said their companies spend money on Outplacement and Redeployment services to protect brand image. The survey also revealed that departing employees often remain in a company’s eco-system with 40% becoming competitors.  

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5 New Millennium Job Search Tactics to try in 2017

Gone are the days of Job fairs, resume blast services, and using the same resume for every job you apply for. The competition is tough, and job seekers must differentiate themselves from other applicants. At Mullin International, our multi touch approach weaving personal guidance and responsive technology supports our candidates through their job search journey helping them understand the best ways to land a job quicker.  A recent article on Forbes laid out Five New-Millennium Job Search Tactics To Try. Read more